Judge Yourself Before Those in Need

Judge Yourself Before Those in Need

Judge Yourself Before Those in Need

Look at your own heart before judging the sins of others

Pope Francis told his congregants that helping a person in need requires one to be compassionate toward their situation[/tweetit]. His sentiments were geared towards encouraging Christians, in general, to focus more on the hardness of their hearts and a little less on the sins committed by others.

Judge Yourself Before Those in Need[/tweetthis]

He gave an example citing that, as opposed to walking down a street and encountering a homeless person lying on the road and assuming that they are drunk, a true Christian should, ask themselves why their heart is hardened and cold hence why they are passing judgment. Pope Francis continued to state that the real face of love is mercy towards human life, and only then can one transform into a true disciple.

As he delivered his sermon, the Bishop of Rome reflected on the Good Samaritan’s parable; he referred to it as one of the greatest parables in the Gospel. He went on to suggest that the parable acts as a paradigmatic of the Christian life.

The parable serves as a base model of how Christians should live and act. In his words, Pope Francis declared the parable shows us that having compassion is the key to living a fulfilling life. If you fail to feel pity for a needy person, you have a hard heart towards that individual, and it means that there is something wrong.

The pope quoted the Gospel of Luke and told the congregation to be merciful as our Father is merciful. He is merciful because he is compassionate and uses the same to approach our vices, sins, pain and miseries.

The pope zeroed in on the Good Samaritan parable where he was considered to be an unbeliever. Here we see Jesus using a man without faith as a model, stating that since he loved his brother as he loved himself, it proves that he loves God wholeheartedly, although he doesn’t know God.

The pope went on to pray, calling on Mary the Virgin to help Christians to understand and start coexisting through an unbreakable bond that is the love we have for our God. He prayed that we show everlasting love to our brothers and be more compassionate.


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