Hebrew Charter School Network Receives $4.9M Grant

Hebrew Public charter schools were awarded a nearly $5 million federal grant.

Hebrew Public, a New York headquartered charter schools network, has received a grant of $4.9 million from the United States Department of Education. The five-year grant awarded last fall will give Hebrew Public and six affiliate schools around the United States with the needed funding to expand its educational footprint in Brooklyn and Harlem. The money will also be used to start new schools in New York City.

Hebrew Charter School Network Receives $4.9M Grant[/tweetthis]

Jon Rosenberg, the Chief Executive Officer and President of the organization said the grant will help in accomplishing Hebrew Public’s mission of leading a growing movement of racially and economically diverse public charter schools with a curriculum focused on the study of Modern Hebrew and of the history and culture of Israel.

Rosenberg acknowledged this money is critical to Hebrew Public and said, “Receiving this vote of confidence from the federal government is an important recognition of the hard work of our teachers, school leaders, board members, staff, and – most importantly – of the students and families that we serve.”

The Hebrew Public organization administers one middle school and two elementary schools each in Brooklyn and Harlem. And has partnerships with schools in Washington D.C., Minneapolis, New Jersey and San Diego.

Courses are in Hebrew Public schools are both modern Hebrew and English. Religion plays a minor role and students hailing from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to attend.

The grant is part of a larger fund awarded by the Department of Education consisting of approximately $245 million the expansion and creation of charter schools.


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