Joy Behar Finally Apologizes to Pence

Joy Behar Finally Apologizes About Attacking Vice President Pence’s Beliefs

Joy Behar Finally Apologizes to Pence
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Argued That Hearing Jesus Meant You Were Crazy

Joy Behar of the television show The View, took time today to formally apologize to Vice President Mike Pence. The TV personality had previously criticized the Vice President for saying God spoke to him. She stated she believed it was more likely a mental disorder than an actual religious experience.

Joy Behar Finally Apologizes to Pence[/tweetthis]

While this was an official, on-air apology it was not the first. Pence told reporters Joy had called him on Monday night to formally apologize. He praised her, stating it showed strength of character to admit when when you’ve been wrong.

Conservative and religious organizations had been adamant that an apology was necessary and that Behar devalued religious expression by attacking Vice President Pence. Some had called for her to be fired or for the show to be boycotted as a result. Those groups have not said if they would back down now that she has formally apologized.

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