Jesus is Starring in a Virtual Reality Film

Jesus is Starring in a Virtual Reality Film

Jesus is Starring in a Virtual Reality Film
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Jesus VR – The Story Of Christ  will be screened at the Venice Film Festival.

Christians wait in anticipation as the cinema world's first virtual reality film Jesus VR – The Story Of Christ is all set to be released on all major virtual reality platforms such as PlayStation VR, Samsung Gear, Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive this Christmas. Jesus VR – The Story Of Christ will be first viewed as a 40-minute preview at the 73rd Venice Film Festival.

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The film has been shot entirely in Italy at a place called Matera, the same location where scenes from The Passion of The Christ were shot. The 90-minute film is produced by two houses: LA's VRWERX and Toronto-based Autumn Productions. Father William Fulco, the religious advisor for The Passion of The Christ and who advised the movie's director Mel Gibson on doctrinal and theological aspects, has served as the spiritual advisor for Jesus VR – The Story Of Christ as well.

Jesus VR – The Story Of Christ depicts the life of Christ from birth until resurrection. The VR experience will take back the viewers to 2000 years ago and give them a feeling of actually being present when the Biblical incidents took place. The film includes all the crucial life-events of Christ such as the Baptism, Sermon on the Mount, Last Supper and Crucifixion.

The film was directed and produced by David Hansen and Johnny Mac. The directors, who were working through Alex Barder of AutumnVR and Russell Naftal of VRWERX had under them an entirely Italian crew of more than 100, excluding the 100 plus extras. The cast working in the movie include Homeland's Christian Serritiello, Final Destination's Tim Fellingham, Hollyoaks' Rhys Howells, Anthropoid's Mish Boyko, and Jumper's Matteo Carlomagno.

While a number of movies have already been produced to depict the life of Christ to people, few have really made a tremendous impact. The most recent movie that moved the Christian world to tears was Mel Gibson's The Passion of The Christ. Jesus VR – The Story Of Christ takes such religious-themed movies to an all-new dimension. Viewers are actually made to feel as though they are a part of the events in Christ's life. Being the first of its kind to be produced, movie lovers are excited about the release of this film. In fact, Jesus VR – The Story Of Christ may actually be the first full-length virtual reality feature film ever made.

The Venice Film Festival's director Alberto Barbera said that the organizers are very happy and proud to be presenting Jesus VR – The Story Of Christ to the world. The festival will begin August 31.


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