Jesus Appeared and Spoke to a Middle Eastern Refugee Family

Jesus Appeared and Spoke to a Middle Eastern Refugee Family

 Jesus Appeared and Spoke to a Middle Eastern Refugee Family
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Jesus appears to Muslims in war-torn Middle East

According to Tyler Connell, an American Christian Missionary, Jesus Christ has appeared in war-ravaged Middle East. He is being seen in the heat and dust of the region and us touching lives of poor in spirit and the broken-hearted. He has appeared before the desperate and the contrite.

Jesus Appeared and Spoke to a Middle Eastern Refugee Family.[/tweetthis]

Connell is busy spreading this message during his college campus tour around the United States. He shared with fellow like-minded Americans stories from his recent Middle East sojourn, where he made a visual recording of the appearance of God among the Muslims, more specifically among the refugees. During the last few months, Connell and his team visited Clemson, Harvard, Iowa State and University of Georgia among many others. The missionary believes that Jesus has entered these college campuses and touched the students. Their bodies were healed, and people were saved. Many people even dedicated their lives to missionary activities.

Many college students express amazement when they hear of God's activities in Iraq and its hinterland. A substantial section of the population is broken and disillusioned. They seek the truth and many Muslims are now seeing the light of Christ. Their numbers are substantial.

Connell's maiden film is about Daniel (not the person's real name for matters of security), a young missionary hailing from Vermont. Daniel moved base to Middle East to work with the Syrian refugees in 2014. He and his like-minded brethren make house visits to Muslim families and listen to their trials and tribulations. Once these families become comfortable with them, they are initiated into Gospel teachings.

Daniel once entered a white tent during the afternoon with an eight-member family inside. He told the household his name and informed them that he had come to talk to them about Jesus. The family was stunned after hearing this. The father became excited, and started yelling. Daniel was surprised at the turn of events. Then the matter started to become clear. According to the interpreter, the family, when drinking tea the night before, saw a man dressed in white at the door. He said that his name was Jesus and he would send a person named Daniel to tell more about him. The white clothed man was glowing.

It follows that they were excited when they saw Daniel at the door. They asked Daniel about Jesus and he gave them the Gospel. The family dedicated their lives to Jesus. They are now spreading Christianity on their own. 


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