By US Department of Education (- Early Learning Bill Event 470) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

By US Department of Education (- Early Learning Bill Event 470) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The impact of “Miracles From Heaven” on Jennifer Garner.

The Sony Pictures movie Miracles From Heaven tells the heartwarming and true story concerning the Beam family. The film starts when Christy, played by Jennifer Garner, discovers that Anna (played by Kylie Rogers) suffers from an incurable and rare disease, she transforms into a passionate advocate for the healing of her daughter while she looks for a solution. When Anna undergoes a freak accident and drops down three stories, a miracle soon unfolds. Anna's cure amazes medical specialists. Her family is restored and her community inspired.

Going by the number of people who saw the trailer, the movie is showing all signs for a booming commercial success. It has been viewed over 2 million times. This is extremely high for a faith-centric movie. Within the first seven days of the trailer’s launch, there were about 85 million views. On Facebook, the trailer has been shared approximately 2.77 million times.

For Sony, faith-centric films have been a major revenue earner. Heaven is for Real, produced by the company in 2014, grossed $91 million in the domestic market. The 2016 War Room has already brought in $91 million.

Patricia Riggen has directed the film. Joe Roth, DeVon Franklin and TD Jakes produced the movie. Jennifer Garner has the stellar role. She acted with stars like Martin Henderson. Kylie Rogers, Queen Latifah, Brighton Sharbino, John Carroll Lynch and Eugenio Derbe. The film is all set to show the first light of day on March 18, seven days prior to the Easter holiday.

For actress Jennifer Garner, it also rekindled an interest in her when it came to her own family's faith. She said that she was captivated by Christy's memoir. The actor told the media that both she and also her children visit church. She admitted that she went to church every Sunday in her life before shifting to Los Angeles. These visits, however, stopped after moving to the city. Garner hastened to add that it does not mean that she lost of what she was once before.

Garner was spotted leaving many church services and her family is thought to attend West Virginia's Christ Church United Methodist. It is the same church where all her families were baptized. According to the film star, this movie helped her to talk to her children about visiting churches more frequently.


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