Jamie Lee Curtis Is Taking “Stand-in” Mom for LGBTQ Weddings Story to the Big Screen

Jamie Lee Curtis is Taking “Stand-in” Mom for LGBTQ Weddings Story to the Big Screen

Jamie Lee Curtis Is Taking
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Actress, activist, and author Jamie Lee Curtis is ready to make a film on LGBTQ activist, Sara Cunningham.

Sara Cunningham, a mother from Oklahoma, released a memoir in 2014, which talks about how she dealt with the news of her son expressing his sexuality.

Jamie Lee Curtis Is Taking “Stand-in” Mom for LGBTQ Weddings Story to the Big Screen[/tweetthis]

In 2011, when she learned her son is gay, it took her several years to accept his decision. Soon she found herself in a position where she had to either stand up for her faith or for her son.

She also came across a story, where an LGBTQ couple’s parents decided that they wouldn’t attend their wedding. This saddened Cunningham and in turn she posted on Facebook offering to be a stand-in mother at weddings for brides or grooms who find themselves in similar situations.

Her post went viral, gaining thousands of likes and shares on the social media platform. Several LGBT+ couples asked her to officiate their weddings in states such as Texas, Mississippi, and Oklahoma. She has a busy year in 2019, as she will be standing in as a mother for three other same-sex couples.

In September, Jamie Lee Curtis met Sara Cunningham and shared about the two activists coming together on Facebook. The duo spent three days with one another before the actor realized that she wanted to make a film on the Cunningham family.

Curtis purchased the rights to How We Sleep at Night, a memoir by Cunningham.

Curtis is a popular rights activist for the LGBTQ community. She even appeared in a Human Rights Campaign video after the horrific Orlando nightclub shooting.

While Curtis’ strong views may not go down well with conservative families, it is a move in the right direction. Her actions will help people understand how to handle similar situations.

Curtis hasn’t announced any release date for her new project which revolves around the life of Sara Cunningham. The Oklahoma mom also runs a charity known as Free Mom Hugs, which is a community for mothers who support LGBTQ children. The organization aims to educate and advocate kids who suffered from discrimination and rejection due to their gender identity and sexual orientation.


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