Unofficial Census data shows Islam is on the rise in India, while the Hindu population declines


After bits and pieces of census data have been announced, official results of the 2011 census are expected to be released soon.

The long-awaited data from India’s 2011 census is expected to be made public in coming days, after months of delays and setbacks. Typically, the census data is quantified and released within three years of the actual census, partly owing to the fact that India has such a massive population. Many people are interested in the changes that have occurred in the population over the last ten years, some have started to wonder why the body in charge of the previous government, the UPA, has held the data back.

2011 Census Data was purposely withheld

Even though the census was ready in the early part of 2014, several people in the new Narendra Modi government have already noted that the former government purposely withheld the information. This troubling revelation is believed to be a political move by the UPA government, which was facing elections which they eventually lost. Some surmised that the government did not want to be the face of changing traditions within the nation. Others believe that the vast increase in Muslim population in the country showed that there was an illegal immigration problem, and the UPA did not wish to look weak.

Significant Census Findings

One of the most concerning elements of the 2011 census results is centered on changes that are occurring in the religious population in India. For the first time, the Hindu population has dropped below 80% of the population. According to insiders, there has been a 24% growth of Muslims within the nation. This comes as a surprise to those who are completing the National Population Register, a tool that will be used to identify specific information on each of India’s citizens. This will eventually turn into the Nation Register of Indian Citizens, which is a move that is being hailed for its encompassing nature, but decried for the same reason.

For those against the registration, the treatment of the census data is only a sign of things to come in terms of attempts at religious conversion and persecution. After all, there is an active religious conversion plan that is in place in India. With the ability to find and quantify these religious minorities, many fear that it can lead to even more widespread problems.

Now that the government is posting the results of the census, several groups are waiting to see what the ramifications will be after such a drastic change in population.


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