Profiles in Faith: Talib M. Shareef, Imam of Masjid Muhammad, the “Nation’s Mosque”

INTRODUCTION Talib M. Shareef is President and Imam of Masjid Muhammad, the historic “Nation’s Mosque,” in Washington, D.C. Established in 1935, it is the

Religious News From Around the Web September 13, 2021

Religious Artisans Find Inspiration in Faith From stained-glass to calligraphy, art has always contributed to religious traditions. Forbidden images, illuminated manuscripts and even maps

Religious News From Around the Web September 6, 2021

Texas Churches Can’t be Forced to Close Under New Law; Catholics, Other Religious Groups Help Refugees; Nearly 60 Percent of White Evangelicals are Vaccinated;

Religious News From Around the Web August 30, 2021

PBS Video: David Brooks on Kabul, Afghanistan; Iranian Government Seizes Baha’i Property; Supreme Court and Religious Liberty; Potsdam Gets First Synagogue Since WWII; Christianity

UN Rules France’s ‘Burqa Ban’ is a Violation of Muslim Women’s Rights

Religious News From Around the Web August 23, 2021

In China, ‘Xi Jinping Thought’ Is the Only Accepted Religion; Churches “Essential” In One State at Least; Sharia Law Coming to Afghanistan; Update on

Vatican Quashes ‘Fake News’ of Pope Benedict Death

Religious News From Around the Web August 9, 2021

Scientologist Wins Case Against Munich "Sect Filter;" Religious Restrictions Return with Rise of Delta Variant; Vatican Launches Global Compact on the Family; Problems With

Profiles in Faith: Ayatollah Al-Sayyid Ali Al-Huseinni Al-Sistani

Second in a series of World Religion News articles on great religious leaders of our time. Introduction When Pope Francis recently made a historic

Want to Worship? Show Me Your Papers! by Charles Franklin

We have seen government abandon the First Amendment protections of religious liberty to tell people of faith they must toss out their long-held beliefs

Religious News From Around the Web August 17, 2020

Call to Recognize Sarna Religion, Hindu Religious Figures Raise Protest, Shinto Priests Bless Head of 60-Foot tall robot, Junipero Serra Supporters Push Back, Religious

Ramadan Begins for 1.8 Billion Muslims

In 610 A.D. Muhammad was visited by the Angel Gabriel in a cave a few miles from Mecca. This first revelation from Allah is