President Macron Speaks at WWII Ceremony

French Public Schools to Implement Dress Code Prohibiting Muslim Robes

In the latest in a series of contentious clothing restrictions associated with Muslims in France, President Emmanuel Macron has stated that French authorities will

Muezzin at Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Muslim Call to Prayer Allowed for New York City Mosques on Fridays Without Permit

Mosques in New York City will no longer be required to obtain a special permit for the public broadcasting of the Islamic call to

U.S. City Led by Muslims Bans Pride Flags, Sparking ‘a Sense of Betrayal’

A multicultural enclave of Detroit, Michigan, that attracted international attention in 2015 for becoming the first in the U.S. to elect a Muslim-majority city

Woman wearing hijab, Iran. Creative Commons.

Iran Launches New Crackdown, Targeting E-commerce Giant for Photos of Female Employees Without Headscarves

A week after authorities in Iran threatened to renew a crackdown on women not wearing the hijab, the country’s morality police has shut down

Republican Palace, Baghdad

Protestors Storm Swedish Embassy in Iraq Following Quran Desecration in Stockholm

Outraged by the scheduled act of burning a Quran by an Iraqi man in Sweden, scores of demonstrators forcefully entered the Swedish Embassy in

Trocadero, London © Wikimedia Commons

Muslim Billionaire Plans to Construct Mosque in London’s Entertainment District

To advance religious diversity and inclusiveness, a Muslim billionaire plans to construct a three-story mosque in a bustling entertainment district in the heart of

Flag of Pakistan

Mob Kills Cleric Accused of Blasphemy During Political Rally in Pakistan

Less than three months after an irate mob stormed a police station in Pakistan and killed a man accused of blasphemy, a cleric became

Holi Festival

Pakistan Higher Education Commission Reverses Restriction on Hindu Festival

In the face of stiff public criticism, an education body in Pakistan that prohibited a Hindu religious festival on college campuses has done an

Preparing for the Hajj

Saudi Arabian Minister Tawfiq bin Fawzan al-Rabiah announced on January 9 that pandemic restrictions on pilgrimage have been lifted. Fawzan al-Rabiah is the Hajj

Houses of Worship: Qatar State Grand Mosque

Qatar sits on a peninsula in the Persian Gulf with Saudi Arabia to the west as their only neighboring country. Over the past 30