One of the First Modest Muslim Clothing Stores Opened in Mainstream American Mall

Orlando’s Fashion Square opens one of the first Islamic boutiques in an American mall.

Lisa Vogl is an international fashion photographer. She is also the proud owner of Verona, one of the first Islamic boutiques to open in an American mall. Verona designs and sells hijabs, cardigans, dresses, active wear, and modest tops. The store is located at Orlando Fashion Square mall, between The Limited and Dillard's.

One of the First Modest Muslim Clothing Stores Opened in Mainstream American Mall[/tweetthis]

Verona has just been an online modest fashion company until the opening of its brick-and-mortar version, last Saturday. Now, its customers would be able to feel and try on Verona clothes before buying them.

According to Vogl, she chose the Italian name, Verona, for her store, to connect with the majority of their customer base. Islamic fashion is not something that is only attached to the Middle East. Islam is a diverse religion. There are millions of Muslims living in Europe and America.

Lisa Vogl converted to Islam in 2011. It was only after she started teaming up with famous Muslim brands and bloggers for photoshoots, that she realized the potential of Islamic fashion industry. In 2015, she launched the online version of Verona’s boutique. She had no formal training. The only thing she has been sure from the beginning was that she wanted her collection to have a “Western feel.” Before long, she had a small team working for Verona. The board of directors included Hassan Mawji, a social entrepreneur, Nadine Abu-Jubara, a personal trainer, and Alaa Ammuss, a fashion designer. Under Vogl and her team, business boomed.

In an interview given to The Huffington Post, Nadine Abu-Jubara said that most of their pieces are basic. However, they cover all the right places, and they are stylish. A Muslim woman would be able to look classic, stylish, and at the same time would be able to ensure that her clothing/dressing adheres to the modest principles encouraged by Islam.

Rayyan Sokkarie, the 18-year-old model for Verona, while greeting her fans during the store opening event, said that Muslim women can be beautiful even while being modest and wearing hijabs. Sokkarie, who is also a fashion blogger, said that an Islamic boutique in a mainstream American mall shows that Islamic culture is already a part of mainstream America.

According to Vogl, there are many “Christian, Jewish, and other faith-based women who prefer modest,” yet stylish clothing. Verona would be able to satisfy their clothing needs as well.

Nadine Abu-Jubara says that the fashion today is all about revealing too much skin. What they are vying for via Verona is to start a modest fashion movement, a movement that would show that it is possible to dress well and look good without showing skin.

According to Thomson Reuters's State of the Global Islamic Economy Report, the projected reach of the global market for Muslim clothing is $488 billion by 2019.


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