MuslimGirl joined forces with Teen Vogue to tell what life is like for a Muslim girl in today’s society.

MuslimGirl was launched by a high school girl from her bedroom. Fed up with the misleading misconceptions surrounding Islam, this girl wanted to show Islam in its true light and wanted to raise the Muslim woman's position in mainstream society. As of now, MuslimGirl is the voice of every Muslim woman who wants to raise her head without fear of being attacked because of her beliefs or gender.

MuslimGirl recently teamed up with Teen Vogue, a version of Vogue magazine for teenage girls, to bring to the public what life is like for a Muslim girl in today's society.

According to MuslimGirl, the hijab is the spiritual concept of modesty in Islam. The current political climate has transformed it into a symbol of much more. The public has always been fascinated with their headscarf. A hijab is part of their identity, however, their beautiful lives go beyond that.

According to MuslimGirl, when it comes to dating, they are just tired of hearing ignorant pickup lines and sexist comments. The assumptions and perceptions of boys about Muslim women are mostly based on inaccurate misrepresentations in the media.

MuslimGirl is wary about Donald Trump. He has become the presumptive Republican nominee for President even after his stand on building a wall on the southern border of the country to prevent illegal migrants from entering the country, and implementing a ban on Muslims entering the United States. He has said that he would implement the ban within the first 100 days of his Presidency if elected. As of now, the Muslim women are not happy as their future looks bleak.

According to MuslimGirl, the Islamophobic sentiment that has been rampant post 9/11 had a huge impact on Muslim women growing up in America. It actually helped to shape them who they are today. Deep love and appreciation for their faith, is how today's Muslim women connect with the society. Even in the face of adversity, they have this eager desire to reclaim their identities.

MuslimGirl states that Islam has a rich history of feminism dating back several centuries. Islam has been responsible for several innovations as well. The media has always shown the negative side of Islam. The positive contributions that Islam made for the society have always been left out of the picture. If people try to understand the true meaning and messages of Islam, they would understand how much the religion has positively influenced their lives.

MuslimGirl is asking the society to respect their voices, their opinions, their narratives, their individual plurality, and finally, respect their stories of disrespect.


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