History Channel's "Jesus: His Life" Airs March 25

History Channel’s “Jesus: His Life” Airs March 25

History Channel's "Jesus: His Life" Airs March 25
History Channel’s new eight-part series Jesus: His Life
Jaime Yandolino
Eight-part series event on History Channel will debut this spring.

History Channel is set to debut a new eight-part series called Jesus: His Life[/tweetit] which will detail the life of Jesus from the time he was young until his resurrection. Unlike other television series which have directly followed Jesus throughout his life, this television series is going to focus more upon the interactions Jesus had and the effect on those closest to him.

History Channel’s “Jesus: His Life” Airs March 25[/tweetthis]

The perspectives of the show will feature prominent characters of great importance in the Christian faith. These include Joseph, Pontius Pilate, Judas Iscariot, John the Baptist, Mary, and many other friends and followers that encountered Jesus throughout his short but storied life. The action will show how the ripples set forth following Jesus’ life affected politicians, kings, and people throughout the world.

The show is going to be a combination of scripted television interspersed with interviews from major scholars and members of Christianity. These are said to include such individuals as Joel Osteen, Asbury Theological Seminary New Testament professor Ben Witherington III, and the Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church Michael Curry. Each of these individuals is set to give insight into the actions of Jesus and the impact that they would have for centuries to come.

The names of scholars don’t end there and will include interviews across faiths as they depict the impact Jesus had on their religions as well. Rabbis, authors, and members of the clergy are featured throughout the show.

This is hardly the first television show that will seek to teach people about the life of Jesus and his impact on the world. But there is a feeling that the drama and the expertise of the scholars invovled will bring something new to the search for answers about Jesus.

Jesus: His Life is set to debut in March 2019, on a weekly basis. The premiere episode will be followed immediately by another new episode beginning on March 25. The finale is set to be debuted just before Easter, giving people time to reflect on the show and its meanings.