These are Trump’s Powerful Sikh, Hindu, & Muslim Supporters

All three minority group donors believe Trump is not a racist.

President Donald J. Trump of the United States has a number of backers from Hindu, Muslim and Sikh communities. Shalabh “Shalli” Kumar is a prominent Hindu-American industrialist who has poured substantial sums of money into the Trump Republican campaign. Interestingly, Kumar asserts that Trump is not racist.

These are Trump’s Powerful Sikh, Hindu, & Muslim Supporters[/tweetthis]

Kumar owns AVG Advanced Technologies, a company manufacturing and selling a range of electronics products. Shalabh Kumar founded and also heads the Republican Hindu Coalition. He is only one of a few donors in the United States who the Trump Republican fundraisers termed “double max”. The term is applied to donors who provide larger sums of money in the name of their spouses. The maximum permissible donation amount is $449,400. The Indian American has sent $898,800 from his own account to the Trump Presidential campaign.

According to Kumar, he was impressed by the tough stance taken by Trump during his presidential campaign on the issue of tackling Pakistan, India's most virulent neighbor. He also supports the now President's views on profiling Muslims.

Even among the Muslims supporting Trump, Sajid Tarar's name stood out. He gave the closing prayer at the Republican National Convention. Tarar has also founded the American Muslims for Trump group. He started a social media sensation when he walked on to the stage of the Republican convention. According to a mainstream newspaper, he asked the attendees to take America back and invoked the name of Prophet Muhammad. The curiosity of the media was genuine as Trump has publicly called for barring non-citizen Muslims from traveling to the United States. Trump, during his campaign days, has spoken harshly against radical Islam and made it a notable pillar of his campaign.

Sajid Tarar became a U.S. citizen in 1990 after attending law school in America. Media reports state he owns substantial real estate and works with an organization which interacts with the senior citizens. He has four children. One of them is an accomplished squash player.

Jasdip Singh is one of the few Sikhs who has supported Trump during his presidential election campaign. He was present during the 45th U.S. President's inauguration ceremony. Like Kumar, Singh also denies that Trump is a racist.


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