Famous Theologian RC Sproul Dies

Highly Influential Theologian RC Sproul Dies at 79

Famous Theologian RC Sproul Dies
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Was One of The Most Famous Religious Scholar of Our Age

RC Sproul, the noted theologian and founder of Ligonier Ministries has died. He was 78 years old. His ministry announced that he had died at Altamonte Springs, Florida hospital on December 14. Other than the ministry, he was a prolific author and published a large number of books. Severe respiratory problems got him admitted to the hospital. His conditions were further worsened by the onset of influenza and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. According to his ministry, Sproul died peacefully in the hospital.

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The Presbyterian Church in the US ordained Sproul in 1975. He was devoted towards Calvinism. Most of his writings concentrated on discussing God’s sovereignty, intelligent living, apologetics, and Christian living. His journey towards God began at the later stages of life. He attended Pennsylvania’s Westminster College during his youth for the sole purpose of playing football. The captain of his team introduced the young Sproul to the greatness of God.

Sproul wrote a massive 60 books during his lifetime. He was also the author of a number of articles which were published in the evangelical publications. He edited Reformation Study Bible, which became extremely popular and was soon reprinted in multiple editions. He signed in 1978 the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy. This confirmed the orthodox biblical inerrancy view.

The legacy brought about by Sproul continues to exist on the generations of Reformed leaders and laypeople whose theology got more robust due to Ligonier, an organization he established in 1971. The aim was to fill the purported gap between the seminary and the Sunday school. Sproul spread theological education to masses via his ‘Renewing Your Mind’ radio program. He also printed the Tabletalk magazine. He has given over 300 lecture series on the subject.

Although Sproul was not a household name like his counterparts Rick Warren or Billy Graham, he has a wider reach than anyone of them. The wide range of people who listened to his speeches ranged from Christian rappers to seminary presidents. Russell Moore, the president of Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of Southern Baptist Convention, mourned his passing. Moore said that he grieved when he heard the news of Sproul’s death. He added that it is quite hard to overestimate the huge influence on the issue of gospel-resurgent evangelicalism. The memorial service date and time is set at two in the afternoon on December 20. People can leave notes of appreciation on his website.


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