Helen Hunt Stars in New Christian Movie

Helen Hunt Stars in New Christian Movie

Helen Hunt Stars in New Christian Movie
By Tom Purves from Toronto, canada (IMG_0442) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
The Miracle Season, starring Helen Hunt, is a tearjerker.

Helen Hunt, star of high-grossing films like What Women Want and As Good As It Gets plays Kathy Bresnahan in The Miracle Season, her latest film. The movie is based on real events and follows the life and tragedy of Caroline Found, an exceptionally talented volleyball player whose life was abruptly ended, putting everybody who knew her searching for direction and answers. Critics have termed the 2011 events-based movie a tearjerker.

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Caroline Found, nicknamed “Line,” is portrayed by Danika Yarosh as the state champions' star. She plays a gregarious, positive, and fun-loving person who spreads joy to all those who are around her. Her best friend is Kelley (played by Erin Moriarty), another excellent player but who lacks confidence.

Disaster strikes the team when Line dies in a tragic moped scooter accident when she rides to visit her mother in the hospital. Her mother is terminally ill. Kelley and the whole team are devastated. Ernie, the father of Line (played by the superb William Hurt) nearly collapses after his wife dies shortly after his daughter’s death.

The film then shows how the townspeople come up to support the team. They put up signs and all the associated paraphernalia. Line’s father, a surgeon, plays host to team parties and friends in the family barn. Bresnahan (Hunt) nicknamed “Coach Brez” plays an emotionally distant and strict coach. At first, she is lost as the girls under her after Line’s sudden demise. She deals with it the only way she knows-coaching. The film does not flesh out her character beyond the playing field, other than a few scenes where the audience learns that her husband left her another woman.

Hunt agreed to play the role as she wanted to work with Sean McNamara, the director, after their first venture, Soul Surfer. However, she swiftly realized the deep resonance of the film while on set. The veteran actor realized this was the film she has always wanted to act in, a movie concerning the sequence of events when the unimaginable occurs.

In an interview with Charisma News, Ernie Found said some of the events of his life were dramatized, such as in a scene when he said “God hasn’t been around here very much for me lately.” Found says during the real life events, his faith in God wasn’t in question, as the movie had portrayed. He did not think too hard on God’s plan because he said “there’s more meaning that we may not realize” and “there’s more to life than our ability to be here.”

LD Entertainment, who has been on a high note with the success of another project, I Can Only Imagine, produced The Miracle Season.

The movie pulled in $4 million in its opening weekend.


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