Is Harvest America The Biggest Evangelical Event In America?

Is Harvest America the Biggest Evangelical Event in the Country?

Massive Turn Out From Evangelicals For Harvest America
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Pastor Greg Laurie was the prime crowd puller at the Harvest America event.

Arlington’s AT&T Stadium witnessed packed crowds on June 10. They came to attend the Harvest America 2018 event. The star of the show was Pastor Greg Laurie. The well-known pastor from Southern California invited the assembled crowd to join him in repeating the gospel. He is a Harvest Christian Fellowship pastor. The near-celebrity pastor spoke about his pain-filled childhood and how Jesus Christ saved him from oblivion.

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Pastor Laurie has been doing Harvest America for several years. The festival is designed to stream the event from a massive stadium to televisions, computers, and even theaters across the globe. People attending the event waited up to four hours to see Pastor Laurie speak. The event incorporated speeches, interviews, and musical performances.

Pastor Laurie made the content of his speech contextual on depression and suicide. The high profile suicides of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade have brought mental health into the spotlight. The pastor questioned the audience whether they have hope or find themselves hopeless and lost. He explained that fame, possessions, and wealth does not make anyone happy. The only factor which provides universal happiness is Jesus Christ. Once Christ is with someone, he emphasized, that person will never think of being alone in the world. The person will also be happy in the fact that he or she will make the journey to heaven after death.

For Texas, this is not the first time Laurie has set foot in the state. Harvest America was in Dallas in 2016 as well. Harvest America is being held around the same time as the Southern Baptist Convention, with many attending both events.


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