Happy 4th of July from an American Muslim


“American Flag,” by Mike Mozart is licensed under CC BY 2.0

A holiday greeting and message of harmony

We all as a nation will be celebrating Independence Day of our very own country America that we all hold dear. This day marks celebration of the rights and liberties granted to every citizen of this great country through our constitution. This Independence Day can be a time to self-reflect to think if we are holding true to the principles which our founding fathers laid down for us. We all should judge our own patriotism instead of our neighbor’s.  Can our true patriotism divide us or alienate us from each other?
It’s truly remarkable every time to read the Declaration of Independence. One can genuinely feel proud of the wisdom of our elders who laid the foundations of this country on principles of equality and justice for all. These are the principles which also make this country truly great among all nations of the world. I wonder how sacrificing those core principles can be our best bet.

My 6-year-old daughter, Sajeela, is well aware of these principles and would like to share the following:

The fourth of July is a day celebrating Independence from Britain. We achieved it 241 years ago when the colonists thought that the British should stop controlling the 13 American colonies.

I love America because it is a free country. I would like to celebrate it when it is Independence Day and if we can’t go to the celebration then we can invite our friends and talk and play to have fun.

Islam tells me to love America. All children in America have the same opportunities. All people are different because everyone has different thoughts. But, we are all from America and we are all made by God. So this Independence Day, let’s celebrate this wonderful country and its people by learning from each other and having fun.

True love is never conditional. True love does not seek any return.  As a Muslim, my love for my country is my passion and my patriotism is best reflected in working for the progress and prosperity of my country. Our common enemy i.e. terrorists seek to create divide between all those who love this country. They know, their hate cannot defeat our love. They want hate to prevail, but we will make love flourish. Let’s let love win by coming together this 4th of July. Happy 4th of July all!


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