Gucci Turban Angers Sikhs for Cultural Appropriation

Gucci’s Turban at Milan Fashion Week Angers Sikhs for Cultural Appropriation

Gucci Turban Angers Sikhs for Cultural Appropriation

Gucci faces backlash from Sikhs for using turban inappropriately

Milan Fashion Week, Gucci’s show was one of the weirdest displays one could imagine.[/tweetit] Some models walked the ramp while carrying their amputated heads, while others had baby dragons with them. There were even models who had third eyes, which is extremely strange from the Italian luxury designer brand.

Gucci’s Turban at Milan Fashion Week Angers Sikhs for Cultural Appropriation[/tweetthis]

If you thought those were the only accessories that seemed out of place, you should have taken a look at the headwear. Models were seen wearing turbans, babushka headscarves, and hijabs. Sikh organizations and commentators criticized the Italian brand for using their religion’s traditional headpiece inappropriately.

Gucci gets backlash on social media

Avan Jogia, the Canadian model and actor, posted a tweet regarding the recent fashion show that took place, “could you not find a brown model?” He posted his tweet along with a white model wearing a blue turban.

Even though Avan isn’t a Sikh himself, he wasn’t happy with the way Gucci used religious turbans as a fashion accessory. After seeing his tweet, several others joined in, calling Gucci “irresponsible” and “offensive.”

The Sikh Coalition civil rights group from New York posted the following tweet, "The Sikh turban is a sacred article of faith, @gucci, not a mere fashion accessory. #appropriation. We are available for further education and consultation if you are looking for observant Sikh models."

One Twitter user, kingkang3211 had an interesting opinion about Gucci’s take on the turban. He said that even though Sikhs are proud to wear turbans, they face discrimination due to the headwear. He was displeased over the fact that Gucci didn’t use a Sikh man to be one of the models for the turban, even though they had the option.

Another person, gurpycolors said that Gucci should have used the turban appropriately. The user made a statement that Sikhs get discriminated for wearing turbans. However, when worn by a white person, it gets accepted and becomes fashionable.

Harjinder Singh Kukreja, a restauranteur from India, took to Twitter to inform Gucci that turbans are not meant to be fashion accessories as they are religious items. He said that the models wore the turbans as hats, unlike Sikhs who tie the headpiece meticulously.

Recently, a Sikh man was a victim of a racist attack when an attacker ripped his turban and commented, "Muslim go back home.&quot

Strange explanation for idea behind Milan Fashion Week

Alessandro Michele, the creative director of Gucci, in a press release explained the bizarre fashion show. According to Gucci, their latest collection draws inspiration from Donna Haraway’s cyborg philosophy. The show attempts to be on the “abnormal” side by using cultural symbols on models. Regardless of the philosophy, the Sikhs were unhappy with Gucci’s decision.


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