Greg Laurie U.S. blasted before end days

Greg Laurie Says Bible Predicted Nuclear War with North Korea

Greg Laurie U.S. blasted before end days

Iran will be partner in the attack against the U.S.

Greg Laurie, the U.S. pastor prone to making prophecies, has made yet another prophecy.[/tweetit] He believes the United States of America could be nuclear bombed out of civilization in the near future. His source? The Bible itself. To explain such an unusual claim, he said he made this deduction after reading the Holy Book. The Harvest Christian Fellowship pastor said what concerns him is that the Bible does not mention any superpower during the end days. From this, the Riverside, California resident deducted that the United States has ceased to exist prior to the end of the world. Other nations emerge during the scene where the Last Days play out.

Greg Laurie Says Bible Predicted Nuclear War with North Korea[/tweetthis]

According to Laurie, present-day circumstances show that North Korea would be the most likely country to launch a nuclear attack on the United States. However, he points out that the Bible does not mention North Korea- but it mentions Iran, a country capable of helping the reclusive but militant nation. All these deductions were made by the pastor himself. The pastor told his audience they could be surprised to hear about an alliance between the two countries.

To make sure that he is taken seriously, Pastor Laurie buttressed his claims by quoting John Bolton, once a U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. The retiree has reportedly told that Iran would simply buy a nuclear weapon delivery system from North Korea if it needs such an equipment. The pastor is also helped by the fact that North Korea has warned that the U.S. must take its threats in a literal sense. Pyongyang has tested nuclear weapons during the last few months. The most recent one was on September 3. It was so powerful that the blast registered as an earthquake of 5.7-magnitude by Seoul. The U.S. also felt the shock. American earthquake recording devices registered as a 6.3 magnitude earthquake. Things are so severe now that President Donald J. Trump will visit Asia in November to pressure North Korea to stop its nuclear missile ambitions.

As per Laurie, the U.S. could be attacked by a coalition of nations. Iran could, in all probability, lead them solely based on the fact the Bible mentions the country. The list of countries included in this hypothetical evil coalition could be North Korea. The pastor described this group as an “axis of evil.


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