Did God Tell Michelle Bachmann To Reenter Politics?

Did God Tell Michelle Bachmann To Reenter Politics?

Did God Tell Michelle Bachmann To Reenter Politics?

Discussed running for Senate for Biblical Principles

Michelle Bachmann is making news again with her possible announcement of running for the Minnesota Senate seat recently vacated by Al Franken. Franken had to leave in disgrace following multiple allegations of sexual harassment and assault.

Did God Tell Michelle Bachmann To Reenter Politics?[/tweetthis]

The Senate seat was given over Minnesota Lt. Governor Tina Smith. Bachmann would face Senator Smith in a special election next November.

Michelle Bachmann spoke about her possibility of her running on the televangelist Jim Bakker’s show. She explained that she was praying to God to see if He wants her to run, declaring “I trust in a big God.” She explained she would fight for “Biblical principles.” Bachmann argued that politics in Washington D.C. fight against the Bible and she would be needed to help create a more Christian ethic.

Both Bachmann and Bakker are no strangers to controversy. Bakker responded to Bachmann’s thoughts by claiming that secularists had “put out a contract” to kill President Trump. When Bachmann was the representative for Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District for 8 years she claimed: that HPV vaccine leads to mental retardation, that the United States Federal Government was infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama was born in Kenya, and that Trump was sent by God because of transgender rights.

Bachmann tried to make a go for the Republican nomination for the president but was eliminated early on. She served on the evangelical board for Trump and was trying to promote the political mission of evangelical voters internationally.

During the same interview on the Jim Bakker show, there was an advertisement for $650 for food supplies for the upcoming Rapture.


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