Gateway Church Opens New Campus in Texas’ Largest Prison

Gateway Church Opens New Campus in Texas’ Largest Prison

Gateway Church Opens New Campus in Texas’ Largest Prison
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Texas megachurch, Gateway, hopes to show inmates God is there for them.

The largest church to exist in Dallas-Fort Worth area is none other than Gateway Church. At present, they have establishments in six locations and offer 27 services to believers of the faith. On Sunday, the pastor of the Gateway Church, Robert Morris, had an important announcement for his congregation.

Gateway Church Opens New Campus in Texas’ Largest Prison[/tweetthis]

Pastor Morris said Gateway Church has opened a campus in the largest prison in Texas.[/tweetit] Over 650 inmates attended the first service at the Coffield Unit in Anderson County in November.

Jimmy Evans, another pastor from Gateway Church, backed up their efforts. According to Evans, his religious group wants to make it easier for inmates to become a part of society after they leave prison, thanks to the efforts of the church.

When people enter prison, society tends to forget about them. Despite this behavior from the public, Pastor Morris wants the inmates to know that God still loves them, as they are believers of the faith.

Heading the group inside the prison is Stephen Wilson, who is an ex-offender. Wilson completed seminary school before administering services in various jails for several years. Seven years ago he made the goal of opening a Gateway campus in prison.

Located close to the Dallas-Fort Worth Area, Coffield Unit is home to more than 4,000 criminal offenders.

Offenders who fall under the medium security category can only attend special occasions of the church. Maximum security lawbreakers cannot participate in the proceedings, but they can receive religious material from the church. Only minimum security offenders will be able to participate in the weekly service.

Since the launch of the campus, more than 500 men decided to become followers of Jesus. The church has inmates volunteer and is creating a worship team so that the proceedings every Sunday go smoothly. At the same time, the religious group also expects the detainees to serve as ushers and greeters, and other members control audio and video.

Gateway Church also plans on opening several establishments within proximity to jails, so their members can provide services on a regular basis.