Franklin Graham Uses 2016 Celebrity Deaths to Warn People to Accept Christ

Our time on Earth is brief accept Christ before your demise warns Franklin Graham

2016 has been a very fateful year, as the year in which we have had a number of celebrity deaths. The number is so high that people on social media have even begun to bash 2016 as being a very cruel year and waiting for it to come to an end soon. Franklin Graham, however, took a different perspective on these deaths. For him, these high-profile deaths are reminders of life’s frailty and shortness.

Franklin Graham Uses 2016 Celebrity Deaths to Warn People to Accept Christ[/tweetthis]

Following the most recent death, that of Carrie Fisher, famous for her outstanding performance in the legendary movie series, Star Wars, Graham posted a message on his Facebook page. In the post, he says that despite the differences that people have between them, the one thing that is common to every living being across cultures, locations and social classes is death. The preacher points out that death is an inevitability that nobody can escape from, no matter who the person is. He then adds that we all have a very short time in our hands and that we should make the wise choice of accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, without whom there can be no hope for life everlasting after our worldly lives are over. He then went on to express his hopes that the celebrities who passed away made this choice of accepting Christ before their demise.

Graham says that there are ‘no VIP passes’ into heaven or ‘exceptions’ on the Judgment Day. Everyone will be made accountable for their actions and beliefs. He then said something that will not go very well with atheists, non-believers and even non-Christians – the decision by God as to whether or not we will have entry into heaven or whether we will be sent to hell will be based on whether we have accepted Christ as our Lord or not.

His post has over 190,000 reactions and more than 85,000 shares, indicating that there are a lot of people who share the Evangelist’s views that unless a person converts to Christianity, there can be no hope of salvation for him/her.

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