The impromptu marriage ceremony happened during Pope’s trip around Chile.

In a trip that has been less than positive for Pope Francis, there was a bit of a shock. Pope Francis became the first pope in history to marry a couple in the air.

The event happened purely by chance. The couple, Paula Podest Ruiz and Carlos Ciuffardi Ellorriaga, were flight attendants taking a picture with the Pope Francis as he was flying from Santiago as part of his three day trip around Chile. The couple mentioned that while they were married civilly, the couple was not wed in a Catholic ceremony.

The church that they had originally wanted to be married in was destroyed in 2010 by an earthquake and the pair had not been able to find the time to have the ceremony since. Pope Francis asked them if they wanted to be married and the ceremony began with the CEO of the airlines acting as the witness. A bishop wrote out the marriage contract and the pope gave a white rosemary to the wife and a black rosemary to the husband.

The duo could not be happier and was still in shock talking to reporters after the ceremony. Pope Francis continues to have a warm demeanor that is demonstrated by constant random acts of kindness and an authentic support for everyday people.


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