FFRF Urges “Don’t Let the Religious Right Trump the First Amendment”

FFRF runs a Bill of Rights day ad

Members of the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) have decided to place a
full-page advertisement in the New York Times on Bill of Rights Day. The advertisement urges its readers to join the FFRF to help keep the separation between church and state.

FFRF Urges “Don’t Let the Religious Right Trump the First Amendment”[/tweetthis]

FFRF chose December 15, Bill of Rights Day, to run the ad because many of the freedoms which safeguard U.S. citizens came into existence in 1791 on this date.

The advertisement uses a prominent image of Mike Pence, the Vice President-elect, forcefully removing a portrait of James Madison. The text warns its readers that the United States Constitution is a secular one and the founders of the country made sure it is so. The founders made secularism the strong wall between the state and the church. It then requests readers to join Freedom From Religion Foundation. The organization's work on maintaining the church and state separation is more important at this point of time.

The FFRF goes further on to implore that it will need the best efforts to make sure that the freedom pillars of conscience, personal liberty, civil liberty and scientific progress will be safeguarded. The organization says when the reader helps the FFRF, it also helps to make sure that there will be victory for reason.

This is not the first time FFRF has run a prominent advertisement in a national newspaper. It published a double page advertisement in 2015. The agenda was the same: celebration of the Bill of Rights. The advertisement at that time was of whimsical nature. Titled “Bill of Rights nativity,” it depicted three founding fathers and the Statue of Liberty looking lovingly at a beautiful crèche containing the Bill of Rights.


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