Feature-Length VR Movie of Jesus’ '7 Miracles'

Feature-Length VR Movie of Jesus’ ‘7 Miracles’

Feature-Length VR Movie of Jesus’ '7 Miracles'

HTC Vive Studios Releases Its First Feature-Length 360° Immersive Virtual Reality Movie

Technology is evolving so fast that it’s hard to keep up and meet audience expectations. HTC Vive Studios has created a feature-length virtual reality movie set to make VR lovers stop in their tracks and marvel[/tweetit] at the incorporated tech.

Feature-Length VR Movie of Jesus’ ‘7 Miracles'[/tweetthis]

The 2018 Raindance Film Festival movie winner 7 Miracles has been created for the virtual reality world. The immersive movie focuses on the seven miracles Jesus Christ performed according to the Gospel of John.

Reaching out to a broader audience and selling the miracles using filming tech resulted in a full-length feature that saw audiences experience the parables in a different and unique angle.

The technology used has opened an avenue for new generation feature films to take and set a path different from the traditional movie platform.

7 Miracles movie filming locations were in Matera and Rome. These are the same places where blockbusters such as The Passion of the Christ and Ben Hur were filmed.

The Virtual Reality film was produced by award-winning producer Enzo Sisti who is behind big blockbusters including; Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and The Passion of the Christ.

He was assisted by Vive Studio’s producer Joel Breton famed for producing big video games such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Terrarria, Unreal, and Anno 1602.

The VR movie 7 Miracles is delivered as a 7-part episodic 70-minute feature film. It is the debut feature-length cinematic experience from Vive Studios. It will also serve as a first of similar films that are in the pipeline; they will be centered around different historical figures.

The studio has incorporated high-tech VR capture technology, volumetric video capture, and photogrammetry thus producing a 360° experience in 8k resolution. The outcome is an out of this world experience for audiences who get to consume the events in the movie. Audiences are taken into a world where they feel like they’re part of the activities happening on the screen. They feel like they’re interacting with the characters in the stories and re-living the ancient world.

7 Miracles movie is available on Viveport and Google Play platforms. The stories are entertaining and delivered epically.

The movie demonstrates what technology has made possible; a whole new experience for stories recreated in a 360° Immersive VR platform.


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