Eric Trump Says Muslim Registry Is Made Up by the Media

Comedian Mo Amer tells Eric Trump “Just FYI, I’m Not Getting that ID…” on a flight to Scotland

When 35-year-old Muslim comedian Mo Amer got an upgrade to a first class on his flight to Scotland, little would he have expected to be seated next to someone from Donald Trump’s family. But when he recognized the man with a blue sweater with the Trump family crest printed on it as Eric Trump, it was both a moment of great shock as well as a godsend opportunity for Amer to have a direct conversation with him about his father’s anti-Islamic views.

Eric Trump Says Muslim Registry Is Made Up by the Media[/tweetthis]

Kuwait- born Palestinian Amer was in the U.S. ever since his family migrated following the Gulf War. He became a permanent U.S. citizen in 2009. Although you would expect someone else in Amer’s place to have avoided sitting with the son of someone who is believed to be the American Muslim community’s biggest threat, Amer claimed that this was an opportunity that God had given him.

Amer introduced himself to Eric Trump as ‘Mohammed’ and said, “Just FYI, I’m not getting that ID s*** done. You gonna really make my people get ID cards and all this? You know we’re not doing this s***.” In reference to the Muslim registry that Trump had indicated he would bring into force. Eric Trump, however, said that no such thing would happen and asked Amer to not believe everything that the media reports. This, however, didn’t seem to convince Amer, who later said that Eric Trump’s behavior and words were very diplomatic and business-like– not something which sounded genuine and serious.

Amer posted a picture with Eric Trump on social media with a caption saying Trump assured him the Muslim registration will not become a reality. Amer reports “his exact words were: ‘come on, man, don’t believe everything you read, we’re not going to do that’.”  Amer says at one point Eric Trump asked him as a comedian to “take it easy on us.” Amer gracefully declined, saying “part of what we do as comedians, we observe the world and talk about its absurdities.”

Amer didn’t seem to have a very favorable opinion about Trump’s son, despite the conversation. Amer said Eric Trump seemed to be “disconnected” and didn’t have any remorse about the racial attacks Muslims have suffered due to his father’s anti-Muslim rhetoric. In fact, since Muslims abstain from eating pork products, Amer felt Eric Trump deliberately ordered the pork chops for lunch to “mess with” him, since he passed out instead of eating them.


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