This Energy Bar Promises to Keep You Full During Ramadan

Ramadan Energy Bar
Ramadan Energy
Solving a host of problems for Muslims fasting during the holy month of Ramadan, the Ramadan Bar ensures stable energy levels throughout the day.

Muslims who are in professions that require a substantial amount of stamina, physical, mental or emotional, can now take recourse in the Ramadan Energy Bar, an energy bar specially designed for consumption during the holy month of Ramadan[/tweetit] when Muslims worldwide fast from sunrise to sunset. Ramadan Energy Bar is the brainchild of a Philadelphia-based Muslim psychiatrist, Imran Posner, and his friend Farid Sanders.

This Energy Bar Promises to Keep You Full During Ramadan[/tweetthis]

The duo has been experimenting with a number of different foods to find out which are the perfect ingredients to a quick snack to ensure lasting levels of energy during the fasting. As fasting takes a toll on physical as well as mental resources, the duo knew the importance of a snack that ensured Muslims could retain their energy and not feel hungry throughout the fasting period.

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Posner, as a psychiatrist, fully understands the importance of such a snack because his profession requires him to remain in a good and approachable mood throughout the day. As an observant Muslim, he has found fasting takes a toll on his mental and emotional resources. This led him to experiment with different foods to discover the right type to help maintain his energy levels. Although he had settled on oatmeal and banana for a very long time, he knew that he had not hit the right solution yet.

Farid Sanders too revealed a similar story. “Different cereals. Different foods. Different liquids. High protein. High-fiber diets. The reality is just none of it really helped. I had certain periods I’d wake up in the morning and my stomach was already grumbling,” he said. The two have been looking for a solution “to sustain you for the day or not make it so burdensome.”

Ramadan Energy Bar is a special blend of long-lasting carbohydrates, which act by releasing energy slowly and gradually throughout the day, thereby keeping people full for hours on end. The carbohydrates are obtained from healthy sources, offering a safe option for health freaks. It is also low-fat and perfectly safe for Muslims seeking to slim down. Needless to say, being the product of the efforts of two Muslims the bars are completely halal. Featuring a crescent moon and a star on its cover, the sales of Ramadan Energy Bars are already swelling up.


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