Elders Discuss Personal Revelation, Homosexuality and Dating in Event Livestreamed to Facebook and YouTube

Via video screenshot
Via video screenshot
About 16 questions were answered in the live Q&A session.

A Face-to-Face was held for young and single LDS adults[/tweetit] by Elder M. Russell Ballard and Elder Dallin H. Oaks. They answered a number of questions submitted by YSAs from all around the globe.

Elders Discuss Personal Revelation, Homosexuality and Dating in Event Livestreamed to Facebook and YouTube[/tweetthis]

A total of 16 questions were answered by Elders of Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. The event itself was hosted by students studying at Institute of Religion, Logan, Utah. It was broadcast from Utah State University's Morgan Theater. The session was of 90 minutes' duration. The broadcast was received by thousands of locations where there are church institutes. The internet feed was enabled through the website of the church, YouTube channel, and also via its Facebook page. Live participation in the debate was not only possible by those present in the location but also by young and single adult groups present in Lima, Peru, and Mexico City, Mexico.

Questions were submitted beforehand, and during the duration of the event. About 4,000 questions were sent to the panelists. The questions were sent through the website of the church. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The Church leaders were given the questions by two single and young adults: Mitchell Kimball and Eliza Lin. Kimball was a missionary and could speak Spanish fluently. He presently studies at Brigham Young University. Lin is a new church convert and a student of Utah State University.

When asked a question about believing what was taught, the Elders said inspiration or revelation can be considered a process. The almighty teaches repeatedly that it will come in its own sweet time and when God deems so. This is the reason the church teaches the members to be patient. The prayers may not be answered the first time, but it will be surely answered later. The Elders also said that smiling is one way of someone who wants to stand up without offending others who does not share identical views.

The Elders advised to those present and to those who were listening to the function that gays should not allow their sexuality to interfere with spirituality. They said that people who are attracted to the same gender are also children of God. The almighty loves everyone and has a place for every human being independent of what that person is. When it comes to dating, they say that face-to-face interaction is the best method to interact with some other person. Talking to each other in physical presence is the best way to date-and not via communicative devices like cell phones.


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