Daniel Radcliffe Is an Angel in TBS’ ‘Miracle Workers’

Daniel Radcliffe Is an Angel in ‘Miracle Workers’ on TBS

Daniel Radcliffe Is an Angel in TBS’ ‘Miracle Workers’
Gage Skidmore [CC BY-SA 2.5], via Wikimedia Commons
Heaven at its comedic best

Of all actors, Daniel Radcliffe knows best how to depict a person from the magical realm. He also has rich, in-depth experience of playing subordinate to powerful guys with beards. It is a no-brainer then after many years of playing Harry Potter, the English actor has landed the role of an overlooked and overworked angel tasked with administering one of the most stress-inducing departments in heaven. Adding to his near continuous pain is that God himself, also known as his reporting boss, cannot wait to ditch the human planet together with all humans in it. To the viewer’s surprise, and even delight, God is played by the ever dependable Steve Buscemi. Both actors can now be seen on your television screen as a part of Miracle Workers produced by TBS.

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Buscemi plays a version of God who is less like a wise, elderly being and more of a satirical depiction of the weary, bored, and sardonic Chief Executive Officer of a company, which come to think of it, heaven actually is. The CEO is evidently in the beginnings of a crisis which even happens in a realm where time has no meaning. For viewers though, the screen time will be dominated by Daniel Radcliffe. The Harry Potter actor is not alone in bumbling things up. He is helped unwittingly by Geraldine Viswanathan who joins Radcliffe so the two can make heaven more congenial. Accompanying the two is the always funny man Karan Soni (yes the taxi driver Dopinder in all those Deadpool movies). Soni finds a place as God’s trusted employee and doer of all things considered important by the almighty. If you find this set-up puzzling, you are not alone. Owen Wilson was the first choice to play God, but those plans were junked due to a number of reasons and Buscemi came into the picture.

The trailer is a humorous short tasting of the coming show. Critics and the lay audience alike are waiting with bated breath as to whether the show will reach creative heights like the ones depicted in The Good Place. The supernatural-themed show is the picturization of Simon Rich’s 2012 novel What in God’s Name. The show is executive produced by Lorne Michaels.


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