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How ‘Civilization 6’ Made Religious War into A Game

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Video Game Has Progressively Been Making Religion Into An Important Part of Winning

The Civilization game series is considered to be one of the most popular and complicated computer strategy games. Religion started out as an accessory added in the previous installment of the game. While you might not win the game just by building up the religion of your fledging civilization, it could still be a factor in determining your victory. It was hard to envision it as a game of its own. Game developers who worked on Civilization 6 changed this unpopular move by giving it a victory condition.

How Civilization 6 Made Religious Combat into A Game[/tweetthis]

Firaxis Games made it possible to essentially convert the world to your desired religion. Civilization 6 introduced a somewhat funny fighting weapon known as theological combat. Theological combat is whereby missionaries on different sides will be able to hit each other with magical rays of truth and righteousness. The battle goes on until one missionary gives up and surrenders the fight.

The fact that religion has gotten a victory condition is popular with most players according to numerous gaming boards on the internet. However, some fans of the game were quick to point out the unfinished feel of the product. They were also quick to critique the theological combat. They deemed it as extremely one dimensional and dull. They were not also pleased with the games artificial intelligence. Apparently, in theological combat, the AI’s response is to start massing religious units to storm your empire. The gamers have likened these problems to those experienced in Civilization 4.

One gamer explained that Firaxis Games tried to fix problems, but ended up continuing the same issues. The game’s biggest critique is the fact that instead of improving the AI response they expounded on it. This means that the problem has existed in three generations of the game. The latest installment of the game has made other aspects of the game, mostly combat, vastly improved.

No religious organizations have spoken out against the game.

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