Trump Continues to Accidentally Prove to Christians He’s Not Christian

By Michael Vadon (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By Michael Vadon (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Donald Trump hopes he won’t have to ask for much forgiveness from God.

Donald Trump was asked for the third time in his presidential campaign on whether he is going to seek forgiveness from God. His answer was negative the first two times. The third time, however, his answer was vague. Trump was answering questions by Cal Thomas, a known conservative Christian leader and a syndicated columnist.

Trump Continues to Accidentally Prove to Christians He’s Not Christian[/tweetthis]

The Art of the Deal - Dec. 28, 2004
The Art of the Deal – Dec. 28, 2004
The problem with Trump is that if he is the Christian as he claims to be, he really gives strange answers. Nobody can fathom what goes inside the metaphorical heart inside the billionaire. When it comes to the campaign, he has his answers down pat, and he has the habit of denying something he has earlier said when the answer is no longer expedient on the political field. However, one thing that seems false, as per many observers, is his supposed religious beliefs.

In the beginning of primary process, Trump talked about loving the Bible, but it was soon apparent that his love for the holy book extends only to getting votes. It was clear from the way he compared the holy book to his own written book, The Art of the Deal.

When asked by Bloomberg to name his favorite passages from the Bible, Trump adopted a diversionary approach by saying that the Christian holy book meant a lot to him and he did not want to get into the specifics. The telling thing is that the Bloomberg interview was given many months ago, and you would expect him to improve his knowledge of the Bible by this time. However, it was clearly not the case. He simply avoided the questions.

Thomas told Trump that the latter has never felt a need to ask forgiveness from God, but repentance from sins is regarded as a precondition to achieve salvation. The Christian leader then asked him about what does he think about Jesus Christ.  The billionaire answered that he will ask for forgiveness, but hopefully not much forgiveness. He said that he is Presbyterian and Protestant.

Upon further prodding, he said that his view of Jesus is of someone who he remembers to get confidence and security from. Jesus to him can be revered in both the terms of bravery and courage, and since Trump regards the Christian religion important to his life, Jesus is a person who he can totally rely on in his own mind. Trump's supporters, and also his critics, quickly took to social media to examine the remark, trying to understanding of religiosity of the billionaire.


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