Trevor McKendrick – Atheist Making a Fortune On Bible App Sales

Trevor McKendrick bible app

Being a non-believer doesn’t stop Trevor McKendrick from making over $100,000 a year selling his bible app.

Trevor  was between jobs, and had recently heard of a friend selling apps and making good large amounts of money each month. He decided, while not being religious himself, that he would market a bible app in different languages, and in audio format.

His bible app sales really took off and he started pulling in over $5,000 per month. He said “That was the moment where it was: Oh this is not just a side project. This is a living,” and also stated it “doesn’t feel like real money because so little work is involved. Dude, I spend maybe an hour on this thing.”

McKendrick claims that he has no problems morally selling the bible. He is quoted as saying:

“What if you sold Harry Potter books or Lord of the Rings books, but you told people it was real? And you told people if they would just learn how to write spells themselves, they could heal their children? And if you sold that as a real thing? I would feel terrible about that. But that’s really the situation I am in selling the bible. I am selling this thing I truly believe is fiction.”

Hemant Mehta, the editor of the Friendly Atheist blog exclaimed “Despite what he said, I don’t actually think he’s telling people it’s real. Should he be held responsible for what people take from it?” he continued: “In any case, I’d probably do the same thing in his situation. He created a great app that someone would have made eventually, so more power to him for cashing in on it.”

McKendrick was raised in the Church of Latter-day Saints before leaving religion altogether.


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