Tim Tebow’s Upcoming Faith-based Film ‘Run the Run’

Tim Tebow’s Upcoming Faith-based Film ‘Run the Race’

Tim Tebow's Upcoming Faith-based Film 'Run the Run'
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Tim Tebow is co-producer

Heisman Trophy winner and professional baseball player, Tim Tebow, is co-producing the upcoming film, Run the Race. The movie brings to screen the tale of two athletic brothers whose lives take an unwelcome turn. Run the Race will be in theaters February 22.

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The trailer for Run the Race, unfortunately, acts as a spoiler to the film, giving away its plot. It was clear the film exhibits the bond between the brothers whose dreams of a better life were in danger of being grounded. The story is a tragic one. The brothers felt their father had abandoned them after their mother died. The brothers dream of moving to a new town by getting an athletic scholarship. The brothers’ dream is suddenly shattered when one suffers a life-altering physical injury.

The cast of Run the Race includes Tanner Stine as Zach, Evan Hofer as David, and Mykelti Williamson plays their coach. Frances Fisher plays their surrogate mother.

The film’s promotional trailer has clear religious underpinnings in dialog such as “God does love you; He loves you like crazy.” The film’s synopsis says the film “shows what’s possible when you run to—instead of from—the overwhelming love of God.” Seeing Zach’s dreams being kicked away, David laces up his shoes to salvage both their futures. His actions push both brothers towards hope.

According to Tebow, he wanted to take part in something to both inspire and encourage the viewer. He believes the film accomplishes this feat by showing the brothers trying to deal with real life and getting through it with mutual support and faith. He hopes the film’s audience can walk away with love, faith, and hope after seeing it.