Pope Francis Urges Faithful to Transform Mexico

Pope Francis Urges Faithful to Transform Mexico

Pope Francis Urges Faithful to Transform Mexico
By Aleteia Image Department [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
The pontiff had strong words for the wealth disparity plaguing Mexico.

Pope Francis did not hesitate to pull any punches toward Mexico's rich elite when he celebrated Mass for about 300,000 individuals at Ecatepec, one of Mexico's most dangerous and poorest cities. He also urged the faithful to transform Mexico into a place of opportunity, a land from where there is no need to emigrate to fulfill a dream. The rich of the country are known for their corruption.

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According to the pope, the mission of ordinary Mexicans should be sidelining the corrupt rulers and remake Mexico as a prosperous and safe country. It should be devoid of scourges like drug violence. The pontiff, on his six-day long Mexican tour, is clearly continuing on the path to take business, religious and government leaders to task due to their abject failure when it came to work for disadvantaged. The pope said that hopefully Mexicans will not continue to mourn its citizens who get destroyed at hands of dealers of death. He decried a society dominated by the few and which also serves the few and denounced the deep inequality present in modern day Mexico.

The pontiff spoke harshly against whose who regard themselves as superior to others. He described the wealthy as having wealth that tastes of suffering, bitterness and pain- and described it as bread which a corrupt society or family provides to its own children.

The Mexican city of Ecatepec has a gargantuan statue of Saint Death or “Santa Muerte.” It is a cult figure and has millions of flowers all over the Americas. This saint is frequently depicted as skeletal “grim reaper” covered in white robes made of satin. The reaper is shown to carry a scythe. It also grants requests sans judging the people.

Mexico has an extremely wealthy political class. One of them is Carlos Slim, counted as among the richest person in the globe. The wealthy enjoys its life in luxury even as the rest of the population is mired in violence and poverty. Ecatepec itself suffers from large scale youth employment and weak economy, its gang violence being one of the highest in the country. The metropolis has acquired a bad reputation for a large number of unsolved murders, specially of women. They are found to be abandoned in the city garbage dumps. A few are also tossed in canals. Pope Francis urged Mexicans not to dialogue with the devil- as the latter “will always win.”


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