Pope Francis Deviant Religion

Pope Francis says terrorists follow deviant forms of religion

Pope Francis Deviant Religion

Pope Francis denounces terrorists and religious extremists as followers of deviant forms of religion.

Pope Francis, in response to the recent massacres in France, called religious extremism a “deviant form of religion“. He denounced religion being used for violence in all cases and asked other religious leaders to do the same. Pope Francis called for a collective change in law to combat religious violence. He claimed that those extremists just use God as a pretext to commit atrocities as opposed to actually following God’s command. He called the conflicts a “third world war.”

Pope Francis also blamed the “throwaway culture” for outrageous religious violence. He then referred to extremists as slaves of fads. The pope said that these fads have no grounds in God. Instead, terrorists follow their own deviant religions. He then turned toward many problems in the US and the rest of the world, urging the closing of Guantanamo Bay and expressing happiness at his successful attempt at restoring US-Cuba relations. He also lamented the killing and kidnapping of children in Niagara and elsewhere.

Christians and any decent people of all backgrounds support him on his words condemning deviant religions and encouraging peace and understanding. Focusing the world’s attitudes away from violence is certainly necessary in the path to a more peaceful world. One can only imagine where the world would go if violence in the name of God continues. Atrocities committed in the name of religion have become all too common of an occurrence.

Prominent figures, like Pope Francis, have powerful voices in this matter and it is important for them to speak out. Just as Pope Francis said, it is of immeasurable importance for leaders to voice their concerns and support. These deviant forms of religion are undoubtedly sad and need to be stopped. We must stop this third world war. Pope Francis realizes this and his words were of untold importance.


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