Holocaust Museum Responds to White Nationalist Conference Hate Speech

Museum warns that the Holocaust began with words, not with killings.

For members of the National Policy Institute (NPI), it was an event celebrating the restoration of the white Christian America’s so called “loss of status” in the country.

Holocaust Museum Responds to White Nationalist Conference Hate Speech.[/tweetthis]

For others, the gathering was a chilling reminder of the Nazi regime. The event had plenty of Nazi references, complete with the Nazi salute and exclamations of “Hail Trump,” reminiscent of “Heil Hitler.”

The NPI had a conference last Saturday in Washington D.C. at the iconic Ronald Reagan Building. The Holocaust Museum, which was a little distance away, issued a statement to those who support this kind of ideology saying that, “The Holocaust did not begin with killing; it began with words.” The Museum also urged religious and political leaders and Americans in general to resist the rise of racist and intolerant feelings in the nation.

The gathering attracted crowds of protestors who surrounded the building shouting and blocking the traffic. The crowd followed the attendees of the conference to Maggiano’s Little Italy restaurant, where they met for a banquet. The restaurant had to shut down for fear that the protests may turn violent and cause harm to the guests and the staff. The restaurant issued an apology on Facebook, saying that they weren’t aware that it was the National Policy Institute which had made the reservation. The apology was prompted by pictures popping up on social media websites of people doing the Nazi salute.

The NPI is notorious for its white supremacist ideas and support of ALT-Right. In fact, the NPI president Richard Spencer hailed Trump’s election as a welcome change that would ring the white people of America back to power. NPI ideology believes that white Americans are a superior race of conquerors that have now been marginalized by the coming of foreigners and migrants. He is reported to have claimed that America belongs solely to the white Americans, and hinted at anti-Semitic sentiments and unhesitatingly quoted Nazi references.


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