Ex-Apple Designer Releases New Bible App – NeuBible


Kory Westerhold, ex-Apple designer and his co-founder, Yahoo Design Director Aaron Martin, have created a new bible app which they recently showed off in an exclusive with Fast Company Design.

“We’re so lucky to work for a company that releases products that literally change people’s lives. What we’ve done so far at Apple is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the number of things in this world that can be made better,” said vice president Eddy Cue at one all-hands meeting, hinting at the Apple Watch being able to check in hotel guests allowing them to bypass check-in. “There are millions of things around us that cause friction; you just have to be mindful of those things, and look for those things.”

Westerhold responds to this flash of inspiration stating “That inspired me to look at my life in a different way. For me, that friction was the Bible.”

Now in 2015, Westerhold who is now employed as a product designer at Twitter has paired with Aaron martin to release NeuBible: a beautiful yet simple bible app for mobile devices. Their goal was to“get rid of everything between you and scripture.”

The bible app scene is certainly competitive, and the new creation of NeuBible has been able to stand out due to simple and elegant design features. Many of the other applications available have design issue, and are overloaded with poor features that result in navigation issues. NeuBible really wanted to create a simple, easy to read and use bible app to keep people in contact with scripture at all times they need it.

The app even showcases a unique feature that allows users to search the text by simply double-tapping the screen. They view this as a sort of solution to their low-feature app that doesn’t include bookmarking or note taking capabilities.

NeuBible can be downloaded in the Apple Store. Android and iPad versions are currently being developed.


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