Evangelist Claims He Can Bring Dead People Back to Life

By DarrynBelieu (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By DarrynBelieu (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Video evidence of Evangelist Todd Bentley’s ability to raise the dead to be released…soon.

While preaching at the MorningStar Ministry church last September, Canadian evangelist Todd Bentley told the crowd that he does not only cure diseases but miraculously resurrect dead people. And to his account, he has already resurrected at least 35 individuals. Bentley didn’t mention any technique or secret in doing so and proclaimed that such miracle is achieved only through praying.

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In an excerpt of his speech during that evening, Bentley said that “we really do pray for the dead to be raised… We have prayed for probably a thousand resurrections. Literally. And we’ve had 35 resurrections of the dead, testimonies of people raised from the dead. Some of them I’ve seen right before my eyes.”

According to Bentley, during his 10 years of stay in Africa, he brings with him a “dead raising tent” and encourages his audience to bring dead bodies inside it for him to pray for. Bentley even noted that the success rate of resurrecting bodies is highest when they are “freshly” or at most two days dead. And individuals who passed away for more than four days could already be too late.

Bentley became more controversial when he eventually posted pictures of his “resurrection” miracle during his trip or mission to Pakistan in Facebook. In the claimed photos, a boy which initially seemed to be unconscious was brought to the stage where Bentley is preaching and after praying the boy over, the young Pakistani regained his consciousness.

When news spread about his “revelation”, Bentley hasn’t escaped public criticism, skepticism and many have even questioned his personal background.

An online religious blogger have called Bentley as a false prophet or teacher spreading false doctrine and reminded everyone to do a background check on the preacher. According to the writer, much of Bentley’s actions from the past are questionable particularly when he cheated on his wife, raising personal money through religious donations including lies and false claims about God, his frequent trips to Heaven, etc.

Another religious blogger Jeff Maples warned people to stay away from Bentley and his claims. According to Maples “Now, this is the same Todd Bentley that cheated on his wife while he was on “mission” back in 2009. Yet, he claims to be a man of God, with the power of the Holy Spirit, able to heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons… Folks, avoid this charlatan at all costs, for he is mocking God, blaspheming the Holy Spirit, and he will reap what he sows, lest he spent.”

Rick Joyner of the MorningStar Ministries is perhaps one of the only few men who believe and support Bentley. And surprisingly, Joyner made a recent YouTube video claiming that Bentley actually has documentary video evidences of the dead being resurrected by the preacher.

According to Joyner, the video evidence shall be released soon “Yes, we do have – pray for us because we do have about 50 hours of full HD television footage of everything coming, and we will be releasing the T.V. footage of all the resurrections, and all the preaching, and all the crusades – there’s actually gonna be some amazing footage coming, for the glory of God.”


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