Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Calls Ted Cruz “Godly”

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Calls Ted Cruz “Godly”

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Calls Ted Cruz “Godly”
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Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson continues support for Ted Cruz at rally in Louisiana.

Phil Robertson, the Duck Dynasty star, has reiterated support for Ted Cruz, the Republican presidential candidate. According to Robertson, the Texas Senator has a “godly” character. Robertson also believes that Cruz is dedicated to return the United States to its Christian principles. The “Duck Commander” made an appearance at a Cruzin’ to Victory rally held in Mandeville, Louisiana at the Castine Center.

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Robertson, who is 69-years-old, told the assembled crowd that he joined the Republican effort only due to Cruz. He said that he has searched for a “godly” person who will never budge on both principle and the Bible. He held the Bible when he uttered those words.

The two men had earlier bonded over hunting ducks: Cruz impressed Robertson by his faith in God and also by his hunting skills. Robertson then specified the qualifications needed for the presidency: does the candidate love the American people? Will the candidate do the job? And finally does the candidate have the ability to kill a duck and then put it inside a pot to cook an excellent duck gumbo? Incidentally, Phil is the only Robertson to support Cruz. His wife Korie and son Willie have given their support to Donald Trump, Cruz’s strongest contender.

Willie, like his father, was forthright about his choice of candidate. He supports Trump because he is not afraid to say what must be said. He also said that Trump supports the Second Amendment and is a real leader. Willie noted that Trump has success in business and is also a family man.

The rationale behind Phil Robertson's support for Cruz as President of United States is simple: he observes the landscape and sees the perversion, the depravity and the redefining of marriage to include same-sex couples. He is extremely angry and asked Iowans to vote for a god-loving, Christian, moral candidate. To him, that candidate is Ted Cruz. According to Robertson, the Republican candidate is a strict constitutionalist.

Cruz has also been endorsed by other faith leaders like Dr. Jeff Fugate and Tony Perkins of Family Research Council.


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