Christians Celebrate The Day of the Holy Trinity on Sunday

Waiting For The Word is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Waiting For The Word is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Celebrating the mysterious on Trinity Sunday

Major churches around the world celebrate the Holy Trinity on the first Sunday after Pentecost. According to Christians, Trinity Sunday, also called Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity, is a day-long celebration of the mysterious nature of God.

Christians Celebrate The Day of the Holy Trinity on Sunday[/tweetthis]

Christians began commemorating Trinity Sunday after several sects started refuting the truth of the Trinity as Christians know it. Christians believe that God exists. The evidence of this belief is in the Bible and in their publications. Another fact Christians stake their faith on is that God not only exists, He exists in three divine persons that co-exist and are interdependent. The three divinities are the God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. To Christians the Father is the creator of the universe, the Son is His human form who became the world’s Savior and the Holy Spirit who comes from the Father through the Son to the believers.

In the centuries following the death of Christ, some sects of the Christian faith began opposing the reality of the Holy Trinity. These sects reasoned there was not enough proof that the three divinities existed independently. Over time more and more people began sharing in this sentiment, which was then called the Arian heresy. The church realized it had to defend its stand on the Holy Trinity as the group grew. That is when the church anointed a specific day to celebrate and therefore validate the Holy Trinity.

Trinity Sunday typically falls within the first or second week of June. In 2017, Trinity Sunday will be celebrated on June 11. On this day thousands of Christians from all over the world will gather in their places of worship for a special mass. During the mass, Christians will validate the existence of the Holy Trinity using a variety of signs. One sign they will use the sign of the cross, which links the Holy Trinity with redemption. Another symbol used during the service is the doxology, where Christians reaffirm and praise the existence of the Holy Trinity. Other symbols include the color white which is the liturgical color for the feast and prayers to the Holy Trinity.

Churches that celebrate Trinity Sunday consider it a holy day of obligation. Each member of these churches is expected to attend the ceremony. Western churches that observe Trinity Sunday include the Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Anglican and Methodist Churches. In the Eastern Christian churches the Sunday of Pentecost is called Trinity Sunday, followed by Monday of the Holy Spirit and the Third Day of the Trinity also known as Whit Tuesday.

According to these churches, Christians celebrate Trinity Sunday not only to acknowledge the existence but also the mysterious nature of the Holy Trinity. It is beyond the capability of the human mind to understand how God can exist, and exist in three separate and interdependent forms. Therefore, Trinity Sunday is also a day when Christians profess their faith, their belief in something they cannot understand.


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