19-Year-Old Says She is Pregnant with Jesus Christ

Via video screenshot
Via video screenshot
“I am pregnant, and it is Jesus.” Teen swears she’s pregnant with baby Jesus

Teen pregnancies are no longer a rare matter today. Notions of morality are dynamic, and while pregnancies outside of marriage were considered taboo, today, pregnancies outside marriage are quite common. However, when the teen says the child she carries is none other than Jesus Christ himself, it is no more a matter to be ignored. After all, the last time this happened, a whole new religion was established.

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Last week on Dr. Phil, Haley, 19, claimed her pregnancy is a miraculous one because she believes Jesus himself is in her womb. Although tests have revealed she is not pregnant, Haley believes her growing tummy is a sign of the growing divine child in her. She even claims she has felt the child kick, move and punch in her stomach.

A total of six pregnancy tests were carried out on the teen, all of which showed she is not pregnant. She, however, says the medical test results are all false, and she knows for sure that she is pregnant. She claims her weight gain of 22 pounds in the past year is proof of her pregnancy.

Haley’s story is reminiscent of Sister Magdalena of the Cross, a Catholic nun in the 1400s, who was found pregnant while in the convent. She eventually is said to have given birth to Christ. However, later it was discovered Sister Magdalena’s miracles were brought about by Satan.

In Haley’s case, the cause may not be that diabolical. Tests have revealed the teen is suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. Her own mother expressed her disgust over her daughter’s statements and even called her a “compulsive liar” and “delusional.” Hailey has also claimed she donated one of her kidneys to her older brother and her baby’s father is famous hip-hop artist Eminem.

Although her mother’s anguish is understandable, a schizophrenic’s claims are true to them and they fully believe in themselves as they are unable to see things otherwise. Because of this, dealing with a schizophrenic patient can be very difficult. The same is true of Haley’s family as well. They pretend she is pregnant to avoid unpleasant conflicts and arguments.

As for Haley, she is adamant despite everything she will hold on to her child. She is aware her church, family and community do not believe her. But she truly believes that when she gives birth, everyone will accept her child as the savior.


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