Christian ‘Daily Show’ Host Trevor Noah had a Bar Mitzvah

Christian boy Trevor Noah looks to his Jewish mother as his hero.

Trevor Noah is one of the most outspoken Christian celebrities. Current host of The Daily Show and famous as a comedian, Noah was raised in a devout Christian environment. His memoir and autobiography, Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood, documents his life’s story – how he was born to parents whose relationship was illegal in the eyes of law, how he grew up in deeply Christian home, how he fell into an identity crisis when his mother converted to Judaism, and how his strong Christian faith has brought him to this point in his life.

Christian ‘Daily Show’ Host Trevor Noah had a Bar Mitzvah[/tweetthis]

He was born in South Africa at a time when the union between a European and an African was illegal. His parents then did what was the only choice left to couples of their kind, lie about the kid’s parentage on his birth certificate. Things were so difficult that if authorities became aware of such unions, they would immediately take the child into their custody and send him or her into an orphanage.

Despite growing up in such a turbulent environment, Noah experience a strong Christian upbringing. However, when his mother converted to Judaism, Noah did face some amount of confusion, however, his mother never once tried to force her faith on him. He praises her for her wonderful character and nobility in raising him as a Christian despite her own change in faith.

At the age of 13, he says his mother threw a bar mitzvah party for him, but no one showed up because his Christian friends didn’t know what a bar mitzvah was. “I only had black friends — no one knows what the hell you’re doing. So it was just me and my mom and she’s celebrating and she’s reading things to me in Hebrew.”

However difficult it may have been for him at that age, Noah admits that the way his mother brought him up was exemplary. She looked after him with great patience and instilled a sense of confidence in him through the years so that today, he has become the success story that he is.

Perhaps it is that heroic character of his mother for which he says that it is her, who is the hero of his life’s story – not himself.


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