CBN Launches 24-Hour Christian News Channel

CBN Launches 24-Hour Christian News Channel

CBN Launches 24-Hour Christian News Channel
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CBN News Channel nonw airs in 15 U.S. cities.

The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) has entered the already saturated world of round-the-clock news broadcasting.[/tweetit] The move comes at a time when U.S. President Donald J. Trump actively pushes his divisive agenda to polarize the already fractured nation. Trump is known to use evangelical media outlets to connect to his supporters while shutting out all other news outlets. According to Gordon Robertson, the CEO of CBN, his channel will offer a religious perspective hitherto not catered by other channels.

CBN Launches 24-Hour Christian News Channel[/tweetthis]

The CBN channel can be accessed Over the Air or OTA in a total of 15 markets, including Los Angeles, Nashville, Norfolk, Oklahoma City, Detroit, and Shreveport. For viewers sitting in other markets, CBN can be viewed through Over the Top or OTT distribution. The channel also streams online and can be found at The channel can be seen via Roku and by downloading its app from both Google and Apple Play Stores. CBN will generate its own programs and is anticipated to cover everything from pop news like Justin Bieber’s faith songs to serious issues like Christian persecution in Middle East.

Gordon Robertson, CEO and the son of Pat Robertson, the evangelist who practically founded the televangelist industry, said the idea of putting this 24-hour channel on the air is to bring people under the same roof. Pat Robertson revolutionized religious television via CBN. The channel helped a lot when it came to his presidential aspirations in 1988. He was one of the prime movers to mold conservative Christians into a potent political force starting from the 1990s. Even the U.S. President acknowledges Pat Robertson’s contribution to the American political sphere. In 2017, Trump told Pat Robertson on his show The 700 Club that the latter has gathered “a tremendous attendance.”

The CBN News Channel will have a mix of live news and breaking events sourced from multiple locations including its bureaus stationed in Washington D.C. and Virginia Beach. The news gets broadcast every morning through CBN NewsWatch and will be updated every hour. The channel’s chief political analyst, David Brody, has interviewed not only the president but also Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General, and Mike Pence, the U.S. Vice President.


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