Catholic Exorcist Fought Witches Hex on Brett Kavanaugh

Catholic Exorcist Fought Witches Hex on Brett Kavanaugh

Catholic Exorcist Fought Witches Hex on Brett Kavanaugh

Hex organizers say they fight against evil, not for it.

Father Gary Thomas, a Catholic exorcist, will fight a hex planned to be put on Brett Kavanaugh[/tweetit], the Supreme Court Justice, with his own special mass. Catland Books, an occult bookstore in New York's Brooklyn suburb, hosted a hex affecting Kavanaugh so that he "suffers." Dakota Bracciale, the co-owner of Catland, hosted the hex event. Father Thomas held a mass especially for Kavanaugh on the same day to stop the ill-effects of the hex.

Catholic Exorcist Fought Witches Hex on Brett Kavanaugh[/tweetthis]

Reverend Gary Thomas has the chops to do an exorcism. He is trained by the Vatican on such matters, and the Bishop of San Jose has authorized him to perform exorcisms. When it comes to Catholicism, only specially trained priests can undertake the complex sequence of prayers and rites to fight perceived demonic forces. Thomas is not taking the hex ceremony lightly. The priest claimed to witness people who were not in their "state of grace" to suffer spiritual and physical harm as curses were thrown at them.

Reverend Thomas described the occultists as evil people and said their decision to act against a Justice of the Supreme Court was a heinous act. He is presently the pastor overseeing Sacred Heart Parish. His Saratoga, California church will respond to the hex by offering a number of special prayers during the fourth week of October. When asked for justification of his actions by the media, Father Thomas said the Catland Bookstore event does not concern free speech but of conjuring all that is evil. He claimed that conjuring evil cannot fall under the purview of free speech. The Reverend said that Satanic cults frequently commit crimes. Reverend Thomas allegedly thinks they sexually abuse and murder every member in their cult.

In his interview with the National Catholic Register, Father Thomas said after he became an exorcist, he watched "Satanic Cults" becoming progressively bolder with time. He is of the opinion that these cults are now increasingly confident that the general public will accept the demonic as part of their daily existence. He accused pagan groups of serious crimes like murder. Bracciale, the organizer of the hex, told the media that the purpose of this ritual is to combat evil, and not fight it.


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