BIC: The Advancement of Women, Equality and True Prosperity



The Baha’i Faith is a faith based on the beliefs that God wants humankind to be united in all aspects. The Baha’is believe this oneness can be achieved through spirituality, the promotion of virtue and advocacy.

BIC: The Advancement of Women, Equality and True Prosperity.[/tweetthis]

As an affiliate of the United Nations, the Baha’i International Community promotes these beliefs as it advocates for human rights and gender equality throughout the world. Under the stewardship of this organization, the Baha’i Faith series, Toward Prosperity: The Advancement of Women was published by David Langness. The collection of five powerful articles details the presentation of the Baha’i International Community (BIC) before the UN Commission on the Status of Women. The statements the series is based on were released between March 13 and 24, 2017.

Solving the Systematic and Structural Injustice Toward Women

The first article, Solving the Systematic and Structural Injustice Toward Women. This piece acknowledges that the world is coming to the realization that men and women are equal. The author, however, points out it is not enough just to know that. Humanity must take the necessary steps to ensure that the inclusion of women is present in all segments of life, not just in the economic sector. It reiterates for women to advance, they must be given a chance to do so in every sector there is.

The Role of Women and Men in a Flourishing World Civilization

In the second part of the series, a question is raised. Can humanity truly flourish if women’s potential is suppressed? In this segment, the reader is left to query what flourishing would mean to humankind. According to the BIC, the answer to the first question is no. In the Baha’i faith, humanity flourishing can only be achieved if spirituality and the material world are in harmony. With women being derided and objectified, the article concludes, no such harmony can exist.

Do Conflict and Aggression Dominate Human Nature?

The third segment in the Baha’i Faith series on women’s advancement tackles the issue of violence. It is a piece that addresses the speculation that it is human nature to fight and to compete. Women in this piece are portrayed as tools necessary for the prevalence of world peace. The article summarizes the argument that the nurturing aspect of women makes them suitably equipped as leaders in politics and law, to guide the rest of humanity toward oneness. One is also led to conclude that people are not naturally violent, that being so is a choice they make. An example cited in support this statement is the unselfishness that people have, they would suffer themselves so that others they care for may benefit in return.

What Would a Flourishing World Civilization Look Like, Anyway?

Segment four asks what does a flourishing world look like anyway? The article is geared towards motivating people toward gender equality for world peace. The fourth piece emphasizes the role the family plays in building or breaking society. In a flourishing world, the article states, men and women both lead. A man is praised when he nurtures and a woman when she teaches. It is one where prosperity is encouraged and talents appreciated.

The Crucial Role of Youth in an Egalitarian Global Society

For the final article, BIC’s vision of youthful protagonists for an egalitarian society is emphasized. The piece encourages men and women to bring up their children to reject gender bias. It additionally calls on adults to mentor young minds to develop healthy problem-solving thought and to be their role models because youthful people can see the contradictions of the world in thought as well as deed.


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