Friend with God kids bible

Bible for Kids Narrates Stories Through a First-Hand Perspective

Friend with God kids bible

A total of 54 stories are told and illustrated in the story Bible.

A new Bible edition published in storybook style by Lifetree/Group Publishing narrates a number of stories from the Christian holy book from a firsthand perspective. 54 Bible stories are packed in Friends With God Story Bible: Why God Loves People Like Me. These stories are taken from both the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Bible for Kids Narrates Stories Through a First-Hand Perspective[/tweetthis]

Friends with God Bible
The book is authored by Jeff White. The principal illustrator is David Harrington. The book will take kids through the holy book using stunning stories and imagery and characters will be brought to life. The stories all conclude with a character sharing a vital part of their lives. They then invite readers to make a life that reflects the value of the message.

The 54 devotions will help kids to understand who God is and how He cares for those He loves. The publication will help a child grow in their friendship with God. There’s also a companion app available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Friends With God Devotions for Kids
Augmented digital reality will be available as an enhanced feature. These digital triggers offer access to the free Friends with God Bible App. The mobile games serve the function of different kinds of collectibles like Bible character cards. Each one of these virtual card offers fun and easily understandable knowledge about characters. They also provide an opportunity for the children to create many cards for themselves.

Each story in this version of the Bible is narrated in the first person. Every story brings into focus the truths and emotions, along with well thought out examples, of how a particular character's relationship with God leads to everlasting and fruitful changes. As per the publishers, both the child and their parents will enjoy a ringside view of the many methods God selects to work with people. The parents and children who buy this product will discover that faith, in reality, is a personal relationship with the almighty.

Other than the Bible, the companion book Friends with God Devotions for Kids, follows the identical 54 stories narrated in its counterpart, but also offers a faith building devotion. Children will enjoy a fresh and compelling perspective towards God. This book of devotion comes with bite-sized relational advice which assists the kids to build permanent relationships with other people.


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