Bible-Based Video Game Successful in Bringing Children Closer to Christianity

Bible-Based Video Game Successful in Bringing Children Closer to Christianity

Bible-Based Video Game Successful in Bringing Children Closer to Christianity

‘Guardians of Ancora’ is gaining popularity as a game that introduces the Bible to Christian children who are otherwise ignorant about their faith.

When all else fails, turn to technology.

It looks like this will be the new phrase that would be a guiding light to parents and teachers who are finding it difficult to teach children today. Time and again, technology has proven its mettle in being able to make children understand difficult concepts. No wonder then, that today, many schools have incorporated videos and simulation techniques in their teaching methods. Today's children are born into the world of internet, apps, software and smartphones. Academic learning too has gone on the same platform as these.

Bible-Based Video Game Successful in Bringing Children Closer to Christianity[/tweetthis]

When technology is being used to teach children academic concepts, could religion stay behind?

Christian parents have found an ingeniously technological way to introduce their children to Biblical concepts, a Bible-based video game. The game, Guardians of Ancora, was developed by the Scripture Union and is completely based on Biblical stories. Players journey through numerous Biblical events, indirectly teaching them core Biblical concepts.

The game has a series of quests through which the player has to go through. It already has almost 150,000 users. Parents and teachers have praised the perfection with which the game is made. The Guardians of Ancora has top-notch features, graphics, and character customization, all of which ensure that the children will simply love playing the game.

Of course this is not the first time religion has made use of technology. The world's first full-fledged virtual reality film is a religious movie on Christ. Recently, an Evangelical church had announced its plans to send drones over Iraq that would drop Bibles all over the place. Head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, is well-known for using technology and social media to spread his messages.

Although a number of games have existed in the past as well that are Bible-themed, Guardians of Ancora is the first full-fledged, highly sophisticated game that is on par with other games children love to play on their devices. The interest that children have in this game, despite their otherwise aversion to things connected to religion, is testimony to how well the game has been designed. The decrease in church attendance today is posing a serious concern to religious adults about how their children are going to learn core aspects of Christianity. 


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