Bible Answer Man Explains Christian Downfall to Islam

Bible Answer Man Explains Christian Downfall to Islam

Bible Answer Man Explains Christian Downfall to Islam
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Hanegraaff claims Islam grows by the sword

Hank Hanegraaff, who has given himself the curious but self-revealing name of “Bible Answer Man” in social media, harbors strong opinions. According to him, two principal reasons exist as to why Islam will soon cast a shadow over Christianity as the dominant religion in the world.

The social media character blamed post-Christian cultures and opined that the reason Christians are on the backfoot is due to their embracing abortion along with a number of other practices.

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Hanegraaff made his views known when a radio listener called him during a program on May 19 to point out while Christianity continues to be the most prominent religion in the world, it is continuously on a decline when it comes to numbers. Hanegraaff has an answer to that. He said that a majority of Christian cultures torpedo their own existence in the form of birth control, euthanasia, transgenderism, abortions, gender fluidity, and homosexuality. He alleged these are the core values of today and are replacing Christian ethics. He says all these combined has led to a swift decline of the Christian population.

Hanegraaff thinks Islam, in contrast, enjoys precisely the opposite of Christianity. The religion, in his view, supports polygamy, where a man can marry up to four women. Having multiple wives means the possibility of numerous children as well. He says the overall result is a rise in the Muslim demographic. He warned that with the number of Muslims increasing, politics will soon follow the Islamic way.

Hanegraaff said Islam now, as before, advances by the sword. He cites instances of Christian persecution in Muslim countries. The social media personality said Islam swallows other cultures and by this way, the religion advances and the host population ends up Islamic. He continued to assert that Islam offers three choices: either that person has to surrender, face sword, or convert to Islam.

Hanegraaff pointed out that the Middle East is the scene of Christians being massacred in vast numbers and says the killers belong to Islamists like Islamic State (IS) or some other terror group. He believes this systematic cleansing of Christians from their own lands is not confined to the Middle East, that it is happening all over the world. Experts agree with Hanegraaff on the number of adherents.

Islam is now at present the world's quickest growing religion.


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