Why Batman Abandoned His Faith

Why Batman Abandoned His Faith

Why Batman Abandoned His Faith

Latest Batman comic explains why he doesn’t believe in faith.

Tom King, the author of Batman comics, has been showcasing the superhero’s human side[/tweetit] in several issues. For instance, in the 50th edition of Batman, the Dark Knight was set to marry Catwoman. However, she didn’t turn up for the wedding, which put a significant mark on his failing romantic life.

Why Batman Abandoned His Faith[/tweetthis]

The author has touched upon several other topics, to show that the Dark Knight has a huge human side, which could explain why the superhero is terrifying. For example, he talked about Batman’s mental health and loneliness, which play a huge role in shaping the superhero.

His most recent fight with Mr. Freeze wasn’t one involving the Court of Owls, a secret society and organized crime faction in the DC world. Batman now has to fight the law, as Mr. Freeze filed a lawsuit against him, which could get the Dark Knight in trouble for mishandling a case.

Author shows different side of Batman

In the 53rd edition, which came out on August 15, Bruce Wayne, the main witness for the case, questions a lady wearing a cross. She responds to Bruce by asking him if he has a problem with the fact that she believes in God.

Bruce Wayne states that her cross and belief may have an important role in the case, as he has to show that Batman’s mistakes may have had a role in falsely accusing Mr. Freeze. After he tells her that he used to believe in faith, it triggers a flashback. The author takes the readers back to the time when Bruce was a small child.

Thomas Wayne, his father, was not only a practitioner of science but also faith. Thomas wanted Bruce to believe in God but didn’t force it on him. As his father wanted Bruce to come around on his own, he used to take him to church and share stories about God. He even spoke about what was in the hands of humans and God.

It is quite plausible that Bruce Wayne was a Christian, as he was from the Northeastern regions of the United States, and inherited significant amounts of money. When Bruce lost his parents, he started looking for something that could become his faith, which was none other than Batman.


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